Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Debut Ep is finally here.

Dear Fans , Supporters and Friends For the past year and half I worked on recording my debut EP Conquer with a very well established producer by the name D-Sharp International tonight at midnight that project hits ITunes , Google and every other major retailer. I understand everyone can't afford to pay for music so I also made it available for FREE via Datpiff. Right now it's kind of and all eyes on me situation the labels , press and booking agents would like to see what I can do with the opportunity I've created for myself. We all know first week sales are important and longitivtiy is what we stride for. So with that being said if we could pull in 1000 sales first week we would shock the world and a major label will gain interest. I say we because not only is there a lot of ppl behind the scenes that helped me get to this point but you as a fan reposting my music online and buying mixtapes from me on the street has allowed me to reach this point. If it wasn't for the private msgs you guys send me of how I inspire you I don't know how I'd make it out of bed each day with a positive attitude. So once again the project is titled "Conquer"and it's going to cost something like seven bucks. I hope you guys enjoy it and have a good night . - You're friend JoeyBM Physical copies click the paypal button only $6.99

Friday, April 20, 2012

Which Way Up 2 (Drinker's Choice)

[TRACK LIST] Click Here Free Download 01 - N.Y.V.O (Prod by Chak) / 02 - Mixed Up Ft. Rick Flyer (Prod by J.D. Beatz) / 03 - Not Ready (Prod by Chak) / 04 - Standing Alone (Prod by Beat Catererz) / 05 - Champagne Life (Prod by Diamond Style Productions) / 06 - Wet (Prod by Purp) / 07 - Drinker's Choice (Prod by Chak) / 08 Big Timers Ft, Chance and Vaso Mcfly (Prod by Diamond Style Productions) / 09 - Summer in the city (Prod by J.D. Beatz) / 10 - Heaven On Earth (Prod by Beat Catererz) / 11 - All I Know (Prod by Chak) / 12 - Dootles (Prod by Evan Funk) / 13 - OWS (Prod by D.A) Purchase your signed copy now !!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

ConquerNY - Clothing

Welcome to ConquerNY. Conquer your clothes, Conquer your Life. You are now living the Crown Life



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Order You copy Today

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Buy your copy now before the release day and have it mailed to your door before anyone else.
13 new JoeyBM tracks Hosted by Dj Woogie (SODMG)
Prodtucion by J.D. Beatz & Chak Records
(c)2011 BMTS Records
1.Blastin Em'
2.What Up What's Good
3.Start it up (Freestyle)
4.I Wanna see you Ft. Chance & Vaso McFly
6.Where You Go
7.Callin' Textin' Twettin' Ft. Diamond Wallace
8.Where I'm At Ft. Eminem
9.Fucked Up (Nicki Minaj Remix)
11.And We/ Roll One
12.All Night Ft. Super Manny
13.Champion Music